Spotlight Ambush

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MultiMediaTechnology, 2022


Now you really did it. You naively walked right into their trap. Now you're trapped in the spotlight of one of the rival mafia families, them being fully equipped with weapons. Only thing you can do is to try and survive this.


Spotlight Ambush is a virtual reality bullet hell game in which you have to survive several waves of bullets aimed at you. Being set in and old and rundown theatre, you not only have to avoid the bullets but also the stage props falling from above. With a bit of luck, you can acquire different consumables, like a time-slowing cigarette, a throwing knife or a molotov, to help with surviving or even fending them off. Every wave a new group will show up and you might have to finish a wave by injuring/killing the opposing mafia boss.


Game made by - Luca Kerschner - Philipp Crome - Michelle Raab Assets used: Molotov + Fire sound effect by Benboncan Textures from Cigar from Wikipedia Zippo Lighter from amazon Particle Systems - Fire from Unity Asset Store Unity Packages used: AutoHand Oculus Interaction AutoLOD



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Adriana Kocjan

3D Artist

3D Animation

Luca Fabio Kerschner

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Michelle Raab

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Philipp Crome

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