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"Spluutsh" is an exhilarating movement-focused jump'n'run title set in a futuristic cyberpunk world. As the player, you'll navigate a first-person perspective platformer, racing against the clock to reach your goal as fast as possible. The core gameplay mechanics revolve around achieving a state of seamless flow and maximizing speed, allowing your character to effortlessly traverse the level. To control your character, you'll utilize the standard keyboard layout with the WASD keys. Additionally, the CTRL key initiates a slide. When timing is crucial, a well-executed jump with the SPACE key will propel your character to new heights, clearing vast distances with ease. However, the true innovation lies in the game's unique "Spluutsh" mechanic, which lends its name to the title. By harnessing your "Spluutsh supply" and activating it with the right and left mouse buttons, you gain the ability to coat surfaces with vibrant colors of Spluutsh. Each color manifests distinct special effects that significantly impact your character's movement and abilities when standing on or traversing these coated surfaces. The first Spluutsh color provides a speed boost, propelling your character forward as long as you remain in contact with it. This burst of momentum allows you to effortlessly overcome vast gaps and quickly maneuver through the environment. The second Spluutsh color, on the other hand, imbues your character with incredible jumping prowess. Upon encountering this color at high speeds, you'll experience exhilarating moments of bouncing to unreachable heights, granting you access to hidden areas and alternate paths. With precise timing, strategic utilization of the Spluutsh supply becomes paramount to mastering the challenging level. Engage your reflexes, harness the power of Spluutsh, and defy gravity as you embark on a high-octane journey through a breathtaking cyberpunk world. Will you be able to maintain your "flow" and unlock the true potential of the Spluutsh effect? The fate of your speedrun awaits your swift actions!



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