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SECCOBOX was developed as part of my bachelor thesis for the Salzburg hostel The Keep Eco Residence. SECCOBOX is a waterproof storage space, in combination with a shower curtain. The whole system is designed for the inside of the shower cabin. Research revealed that there is an increased lack of storage facilities in shared bathrooms of hostels. In addition, the space is very limited. This is the reason why SECCOBOX was developed for the inside of the shower cabin. The goal is to convert the shower cabin into a changing facility after the process of showering. Thus, the privacy of guests is protected and no extra space is needed for changing facilities. In addition, the development focused on the use of a sustainable material. Old fire hoses are used as waterproof material. Due to a plug-in system, the SECCOBOX can be easily disassembled and, if necessary, repaired.

SECCOBOX installed in a shower cabin



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