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The Robot Horse Invasion Has Begun

Roughly one year ago, an unbelievable sight has sent the whole world into shock, as it was uncovered, that Robot Horses have landed on earth. Trying to take over everything, this was the biggest threat mankind has ever faced. The militaries of every country have grouped together to repel the invaders and save humanity. On a crumbling front, you have the duty to hold your ground as long as possible to buy time for reinforcements to arrive. If your position falls, the whole front is lost. Even if you succeed, your survival is not guaranteed. Good luck soldier!


Robo-Horse Assault is a Top-Down Tower Defense game. Killer Robo-Horses will attack you from all sides, trying to take you out. Luckily, your trusty gun turret won't let you down. You will face wave after wave, and have to survive as long as possible. So far, four different horse types have been spotted: Alphas This was the first type of horses discovered. It is fairly easy to destroy and doesn't pose a big threat. But in large numbers, can be overwhelming. Macros Bigger than Alphas, these horses are considerably slower but take a lot longer to destroy. Just a few of them can pose a big threat. Micros So far the fastest horses seen as well as the smallest. Much harder to hit than Alphas, but quite easily damaged and destroyed. Spinner By far the most dangerous type. While the other types will usually approach your position head-on, Spinners will circle around you while coming closer, making them very hard to hit and destroy.


Epic Battle Speech - Wayne Jones (Main Menu) (YouTube Audio Library) Cartoon grass vector created by babysofja ( Horse Galopping Sound ( Horse Sprites My Sister :)




v1.1 - Added Imprint into game - Created an all new main menu - Highscore now shown on Game Over - Added a Horse radar - Shooting sound now has slightly random pitch against monotony - Horse die sound is differently pitched depending on horse type - Horse health bar now rotates with horse - Horses now do not spawn during wave transition - Added a heart sprite next to health



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