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Promoting exercise to prevent and improve health problems

The MOVEWISE playing and exercise device is intended to motivate people in public spaces to move more. The device is intended to encourage people to be more active in a playful and low-impact manner, without causing any form of coercion or obligation.
This work deals with the topic of exercise, or more the lack of exercise and the resulting health problems. According to WHO recommendations, adults should do 150-300 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. In Austria, however, only every fourth person achieves the minimum level of exercise. This is accompanied by the health consequences of chronic pain, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. In Austria, for example, there are annual economic losses of 1.9 billion euros that can be traced back to inactivity. Therefore, for my master's project, I set myself the goal of developing a product that encourages adults to exercise more. In order to keep the inhibition threshold for use as low as possible and simultaneously increase motivation and the fun factor, a piece of play equipment was developed. The aim is to move playfully together with the family instead of just watching your children play. Above all, those who prefer not to do any sport for themselves should be encouraged. Due to the different requirements of different locations, the play and exercise equipment has a modular design. This enables an individual configuration for cities and communities.



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