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Project Grappling Fight is a 3D single player Rogue-Like/Jump’n’Run, with randomly generated levels. The goal is to explore different layers of the level and defeat enemies on separated platforms. The player starts at the bottom layer and fights his way up to higher layers. At the end of each layer, the player has to beat a boss, in order to enter the next layer. By the time, the player can find items to improve his skills.


Player: The main feature of the player is the movement. The goal is to move fast and precise. The player has a grappling hook for the jump’n’run passages between the platforms, as well as for fighting the enemies. The hook allows the player to pull towards an enemy and can be detached, in order to attach objects to enemies. These objects get pulled towards the enemy and then damage it. Additionally, the player can perform double jumps and wall runs. Enemies: The enemies and bosses are randomly generated on the map (bosses always at the end of a layer, but random which boss appears). Enemies are rather big and slow, but are constantly shooting at the player or follow the player. Speed, size, health and firing rate can differ between the different enemy types. Enemy types: - golem (big, slow, shoots at player) - skeleton (fast, follows player) - jumping enemy (jumps at player) Boss types: - golem boss - crab - bird swarm


Items: During each run, the player can collect items, which improve their abilities, but are lost when the player dies. Examples: - Health up - Sword damage up - Grappling hook length/speed up - Movement speed up - Magnetic hook - Hook damage Map: The map consists of different tiles which allow the player to climb higher and higher in the map. Players can fall down in the map. small map features: - wallrunning - wall jumping


Developer Commentary

Old Prototypes

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Robin Unger

Game Design

Game Programmierung

Florian Bayer

Game Design

Game Programmierung