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In "Maro's Mayhem" you play as Maro, the notorious Fisherman from a now forgotten village. Fight off waves of opponents in a vertical scrolling map shooter game. Do not get hit from the onslaught of enemies and beat them before they beat you! But always beware of the monsters the vast sea has to offer. Learn Maro's story whilst fighting your way through the levels. What made him become the man that fights his way through the sea on a daily basis, looking for something he once lost to the tides? What is his relation to his "family"? What is Lazela? Who is the mysterious person that is telling this tale? All these answers lie deep beneath the waves so dive in if you are curious. This game is leaning towards being on the more difficult side, so do not worry in case you feel like you can not beat the first level. The further you get in the levels, the harder it gets to dodge incoming enemies and handle the ruthless attacks of bosses. But the reward for overcoming all these obstacles is an entry in the highscore list and another piece of the story is revealed to you. These pieces are needed to unveil the secrets of the chaos that is taking place in Maro's head.


WASD / Arrow Keys- Move E / Enter - Continue Dialogue / Select Menu Button R - Restart Level Space - Clear Projectiles / Skip Cutscene Escape - Pause Game
The game is only playable with a Keyboard on Windows and potentially Linux.


SFX Laser-SFX by Jeremysykes
( Alarm-SFX by Annyew
( Player-Hit-SFX by alphatrooper18
( Pop-SFX by Anko6
( LevelUp-SFX by Kenneth_Cooney
( LevelCleared-SFX by Mativve
( Button-Press-SFX by BigDino1995
( Menu-Select-SFX by broumbroum
( Text-SFX by MakoFox
( Seagulls by squashy555
( Beach-Ambience by InspectorJ
( New-Highscore-SFX by Fupicat
( Score-Adding-SFX by xtrgamr
( FONT Pixy Font by 2DFUNS Studio ( ) PROGRAMMING AND ASSETS Alija Suljic