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The animated short film "Leo" follows the story of a 6-year-old orphan boy who is longing for adoption. Separated from his best friend and lacking a stable figure in his life, Leo spends his days isolated in his room and his world becomes increasingly lonely and isolated. Despite his playful and curious nature, Leo's unique pigment spots, a result of the skin disease Vitiligo, make him believe he is undesirable for adoption. With each passing day, Leo's confidence diminishes, and he begins to despise and conceal his pigment spots. This leads him down a path of profound loneliness, sadness, and despair, causing him to lose hope of ever being chosen by a adoptive family. However, a faitful encounter rekindles Leo's self-acceptance and brings hope back into his life.

Story und Produktion

Motivation Vitiligo is a non-contagious skin condition where certain areas, especially around the eyes and elbows, lack melatonin, the pigment responsible for hair and eye color. It is triggered by emotional and/or physical stress and varies in spreading rate from person to person. Anyone can be affected, usually during childhood or before puberty, but adults can also develop it. Physical limitations for those affected are minimal, however, protection from prolonged sunlight exposure and regular sunscreen application is crucial to prevent sunburn on the affected areas. The goal of the short animation film is to raise awareness about vitiligo and address societal issues like discrimination, loneliness, self-love, and self-acceptance. While physical challenges are minimal for those affected, they often face emotional distress due to critical gazes and hurtful comments from others. It is essential for everyone to be well-informed about these facts to promote a future free from discrimination and fear.

Goals The short film raises awareness about judgment based on appearances, parental rejection, loneliness, and childhood struggles with grief and conflict. Its primary objective is to inform and create awareness about the skin condition "Vitiligo" and its impact.

Differentiation The lack of educational films on vitiligo is a significant issue for the affected community. Existing videos only promote products to conceal "blemishes." This project stands out by highlighting the positive and beautiful aspects of vitiligo, promoting self-acceptance. Many affected individuals feel pressure from the beauty industry to hide their skin, leading to unhealthy body attitudes, especially in young children and girls. The animated film targets the vitiligo community and beyond, aiming to raise awareness among those with or without prior experience with the condition.

Non-targets The film's focus is on storytelling and conveying emotions, not on achieving a photorealistic or distinctive style. It doesn't aim to explain orphanage situations, but rather prioritizes the main character's emotions and feelings.

Target group

- people of all ages (6+) - people interested in animated films - affected people - students and professors - future employers - competitions, festivals and exhibitions (FMX)


- La adoptión - Campaña de adopción - Door of hope - El Orfanato - Cuerdas - The Orphanage - Approved for adoption - The stained club



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