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Overcoming remote work isolation

Remote and hybrid working situations can lead to team members feeling isolated which impacts the performance of a team. Within this industry project we worked together with Ambuzzador to solve the communication issues in remote work settings. The outcome of this project is the Communication Manifesto, a collaboration baseline or guide for fully remote or hybrid teams which is supported by an interactive coaster, KOEKJE, that connects team members in remote settings via Slack. It can be placed anywhere in the (home) office and visually indicates which co-workers are available for a break. Place your drink on your KOEKJE and share a break!


an overview of how KOEKJE works

How does KOEKJE work?

You can also check out our video for a visual explanation. Each team member has their own KOEKJE coaster with their personalised colour. When they place their cup on the coaster, it lights up in their personal colour and a message is sent in a Slack channel dedicated to organise a shared break. When a co-worker also places their cup on the coaster, the colour of that co-worker is added to the coloured light of the other team members' coasters, creating a colourful ring of light around your cup. Team members can check the break Slack channel and decide to call each other and share a break.

The Communication Manifesto

You can download an overview of the Communication Manifesto below

KOEKJE supports the ‚ÄúCommunication Manifesto‚ÄĚ , which is the baseline of a fully remote/hybrid collaboration within a team. The manifesto is the playbook that is created in common agreement within a team and guides them through their day, also aside from project related communication. The goal of the manifesto is to helps to overcome with remote work isolation, support onboarding of new team members while aiming to positively influence the company culture.

The design process

Through different prototyping iterations including many cardboard prototypes, laser cutting and bending plexiglass, an trying out different wave-y shapes, we opted for a simple cylindrical shape that puts focus on the lights and is easy to put your cup on.

The circuit

Inside the prototype

We used an ESP8266 to connect the coaster to Slack. The coaster is activated with a push button which is pressed when a cup is put on it. The light is created with a Neopixel LED ring. A timer is integrated in the code to make sure the user can pick up their cup and get some coffee or take a sip without resending the message to Slack everytime the cup is picked up.



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