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What is it?

This project is a website that allows you to track your personal income & expenses with a self-defined budget per month easily and quickly in everyday life. With other tools, this is usually quite time-consuming and inconvenient. At the same time, you can easily and quickly keep an eye on how close you already are to your self-defined limit.


There is the option to specify fixed costs (e.g. monthly) and to have them automatically included in every month in a self-selectable time frame. The stored income & expenses can be easily tagged with user-defined categories and tags. All data is visualized in different diagrams. In addition, there is also a calendar that visualizes on which days the person takes in/spends the least/most, shown through different colours per each day. The main chart is a line chart that shows each day in the respective month with the corresponding total value. The chart is similar to account movements. In addition, the line chart shows the user's monthly limit - this way the user can see how much they can still spend before reaching their limit. The second, slightly smaller chart is a doughnut chart. It compares the total income with the total expenses per month.

Usage in daily life

In order to use the application as quickly and easily as possible in everyday life, the website is downloadable as a Progressive Web App. This means that it can then simply be launched from the home screen like a "normal" app, even though it is actually a web page - saving the need to go through the browser.

Settings + User Preferences

In the settings, users can create and change their own categories, set new entries to be automatically booked each mont and change their monthly limit. They can also change their username or delete the account with all the associated data.

Video Walkthrough

explaining the dashboard, showing how to add a new entry, create a new tag and specify a new monthly repeating expense



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