About Hungry Chicken

It's known all around that wolves have the best recipes and since you want to cook some amazing dinner, you know what you must do. Steal the secret formula from within the wolves' cave. There's only one small problem; you are a chicken, so it won't be easy. Hungry Chicken is a 2D top down stealth game, in which you need to out-maneuver your enemies, skillfully distract them and ultimately leave with the secret formula in your hands.


You are a chicken. You spawn on a bridge. Enemies all around you. That's all you need to know. Well almost, you should also be aware that you shouldn't get too close to the wolves. However, you still need to somehow get past them to make it into the cave, inside the cave you have to reach the formula, then you kind of have to leave again and reach the bridge, makes sense right? Being a chicken isn't that terrible though, all around the island you can find eggs and use them to your advantage. The wolves usually patrol on fixed routes outside and within the cave, if you manage to distract them with an egg you may make it past some enemies.

Laying Eggs

As explained before, eggs are scattered all around the island. By walking over them you can pick them up. The current amount of picked up eggs is displayed in the top left. If you have at least one egg in your inventory, you can lay it at your current position and then shoot it into the direction of your mouse cursor. The goal of this mechanic is to possibly distract a wolf and sneak past it while it is chasing the egg. But be careful, a chicken is a lot tastier than an egg.




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