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A Natural Living Space

Home means something different to each person. One‘s own house or flat has always been seen as protection against harm and danger. People long for safety, familiarity, and security. For many, however, living also means freedom and individuality. Someone is particularly rooted in this place. We define our own living space, but what happens when you completely integrate the outside world and nature into your everyday life? Isn‘t that complete freedom? Our actual living space? After all, we call the earth our home. The idea of creating a „new“ natural habitat was interesting but also bizarre. Ordinary everyday situations and furniture that we use every day are represented. They are taken out of their usual environment and depicted in the wild. There is not only a certain connection between people and the nature that surrounds them but also between the furniture and objects that are mostly made of it. The whole project consists of four pictures, where each presents a different everyday situation. The natural setting calms the scenery and ensures that attention falls on the people and the furniture, which always forms the center of the scene.



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Florian Weger