Solve action-packed FPS puzzles by cloning yourself and playing around with time! Help Yourself is a puzzle shooter where you must work together with yourself - be your own best teammate! Every action you perform in a time loop is precisely replicated by a clone of you in the next loop. You have to cleverly plan ahead and cooperate with your clones across multiple timelines. For Oculus Quest and Rift. *Innovative cloning and time loop mechanics that push the boundaries of what is possible in VR! *Unique blend of digital and analogue art styles *Perfect for VR beginners and experienced users - easy to pick up, but challenging to master *Comfortable movement *Game is still in development - new content and level editor coming! Get it on SideQuest: Or directly via App Lab (Oculus Store):

Teaser (Pre-Alpha)

October 2020

Gameplay Trailer

Designing Help Yourself

In this video we give you a little insight into the journey of developing Help Yourself so far.



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