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The Year is 1918. Following American entry into the Great War in April 1917, the Germans had realized that their only remaining chance of victory was to defeat the Allies before the United States could ship soldiers across the Atlantic and fully deploy its resources. The German Army had gained a temporary advantage in numbers as nearly 50 divisions had been freed by the Russian defeat and withdrawal from the war with the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. German High Command, particularly field marshal Erich Ludendorff, quickly draws up plans for one final push into France, determined to win a victory that would strengthen Germany's position at the negotiating table. Beginning on the 21st of March, the attacks are referred to as the Spring Offensive, however the offensive also carries another name – Kaiserschlacht. The German Army’s plan was to break the defenses of the Allied forces by attacking through the “Hinge” between the French and British troops by using an elite force with infiltration tactics. They are called the Stormtroopers. The creation of these units back in 1916 was the first, and perhaps most innovative, attempt by the Germans to break out of the impasse of trench warfare. With the use of well-trained soldiers, commanded by NCOs with autonomous decision-making capacity, an attempt was made to overcome the no man's land and to break through enemy lines in predefined points, in order to allow subsequent waves to eliminate the now confused and isolated opponent, opening large gaps in its defensive systems and then resuming maneuver warfare. You play as one these Stormtroopers with access to a variety of weapons and are able to command friendly units to help you complete the objective.


"Hell in a Very Small Place" is a 2D top-down shooter with a variety of weapons. You are also able to issue move commands to friendly units if they are present in the level. Controls: W: Walk Up A: Walk Left S: Walk Down D: Walk Right Mouse Left: Fire Weapon in direction of Mouse Cursor R: Reload Weapon G: Throw Grenade Q: Order Allied Troops to move to current Mouse Cursor Location


All game functionalities coded by Luka Stojković using SFML. Visuals Main Menu Background - Gold Star Icon - Skull Icon - The rest of the visual assets were made using Adobe Photoshop by Luka Stojković. Fonts AA Clobberin Time Smooth - Comic Tantrum - Audio Rifle Fire - "Gun Fire" by GoodSoundForYou 519468 SMG Fire - "machine gun 2" LMG Fire - "BurstFire.wav" by SuperPhat Tank Shell Fire - Rifle and SMG Reload - LMG Reload - Tank Reload - Empty Gun Shot - Grenade Throw - Explosion - Player Hurt and Death - "Injured Grunts" by trettfilms



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Luka Stojkovic

Art Direction


Grafik und Animation



2D Artist