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Each of you at least once in your life has been frustrated by something, e.g. because of a train delay, a long queue, or a game. Then imagine you are playing a card game and you have more than 1000 cards available, which can be changed, rotated, or removed every 3 months by the game creators. But there is only a small limited number of decks you can save. It's frustrating, isn't it? And that's what happened in Hearthstone by Blizzard. There are regular expansions in Hearthstone. Expansions usually last 3 months and bring approximately 130 new cards into the game as well as some new mechanics. Some of the older cards are rotated out or just removed as a part of game balance adjustments. This keeps the game fresh and forces players to create new decks in order to take advantage of the new cards and mechanics. Unfortunately, the game itself allows storing only 18 decks that you are using currently. That means that more often than not a player has to delete an old deck in order to create a new one. The problem here is that some of the decks that the player deletes might contain an interesting card interaction that may be adjusted or reused in a newer deck. It would be nice to keep some particularly good decks as a reference. There's also a certain amount of players who create a lot of decks within one expansion to test and gradually improve them. Managing them within the game is not very comfortable because of the limited deck count and no annotation capabilities such as comments or ratings. These are the problems I'd like to address in my "HS Deck Builder" project by creating a web application for storing and managing Hearthstone decks. But it would be nice to save such decks instead of just deleting them. In addition, the comments or ratings for the decks would also have to be left out. In my project, all these possibilities became available to the players. And so frustration was replaced with satisfaction.



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