xxxx Project
The ever-growing significance of electromobility is omnipresent. As a result, an Emotions 2.0 technology analysis led to the development of a presentation concept for electromobility. The concept encompasses a blend of Virtual Production, Motion Control, and Surround Sound elements, creating an immersive environment to properly showcase the vehicle. The idea was to design a presentation space that could be exhibited in various locations. A 180-degree screen envelops the vehicle, extending backward to the viewing gallery. This visually creates a sort of walkable virtual reality headset. Furthermore, this screen produces reflections on the vehicle, integrating it more seamlessly into the presentation. The standout feature is undoubtedly the robotic system that supports the vehicle. Four industrial robots each carry the vehicle on one wheel, enabling a wide range of vehicle movements. Due to the unique attachment method, the vehicle isn't rigid but dynamically responds to the apparatus, as the suspension reacts to any movements. This robotic setup, in conjunction with the screen, allows for simulating various driving situations and environments to present the vehicle. The corresponding possibilities are virtually limitless. To complete this setup, another sense is utilized to enhance immersion: hearing. A Surround Sound system thus provides realistic spatial sound to finalize the illusions. From this concept, a three-minute Virtual Reality presentation has been developed to visualize and promote it. Virtual Reality was chosen as the presentation format to better illustrate the immersive nature of the final product.