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a game about music and living your dream

(e)Scapegod tries to bring you back to the glory days of console gaming where switching on your SNES on a rainy summer day was like diving into a new world. This project is inspired by classic adventures like The Legend of Zelda series added with a modern twist in setting and story. STORY You are a musician in an underground metal band. Your group was invited to play at the local Battle of the Bands and since there will be talent scouts from every major agency this could be your breakthrough. Unfortunately you awake in an unknown dark, bleak and suspicious building right on the day that was supposed to be your greatest victory. Now it is on you to use what is available and escape! For escaping there are tools you know on a daily basis. You have to get your guitar and find a suitable amplifier to rock the socks off your captor. CONTROLS WASD - Move Space - Interact E - User your item Enter - confirm (e)Scapegod features real music made by a real local metal band called Scapegod and custom sprites for characters and items. Everything was coded "by hand" in SFML and for the map the Tiled Editor was used. DISCLAIMER Multimediaprojekt 1 - MultiMedia Technology - WS 2021 - Fachhochschule Salzburg Author: Gerald Rendl SOURCES Char Sprites: Tileset : Guitar: Sounds:



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