Drag On: The Fight! is a local coop Arena Shooter. Challenge your friends to a match about the future of Caelum in which each one of you will take on the role of a mighty dragon tamer, able to hatch and weaponize different breeds of dragons to combat his or her opponent. The core gameplay is simple, you move with the WASD and IJKL keys, pick up dragon eggs to hatch them with F and H and utelize the power of the dragon with the C and N keys. The twist is that you can choose your shooting direction with the QE and UO keys. This way you can actually shoot and run in different directions taking Drag On to new levels of 2D arena combat speeds. Now to the core of the game: the dragons. Having been living in the flying islands of Caelum for millenia these glorious beasts distinguish themselfes from one another in different ways, be it the rate at which they are able to breath fire or the heat at which their fire burns. It is your job to decide which of these attributes is best suited for the job but beware, often times there will only be one egg of a specific breed on the map and so you have to get to it before the enemy player can otherwise what could have once been a powerful tool, carrying you to victory could now be your fiery doom. This project was done as a MultiMedia Project 2a by the three programmers Philipp, Philipp and Timo and the artist Adriane of the 2020´s MMT and MMA students. The game is based on a self programmed C++ engine which was made during the Game Developement 1 course.


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Philipp Tischler


Game Design

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Timo Volk

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Philipp Crome

Game Design

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