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In Dispersion you play as a witch, aiming to defeat as many shadow-creatures as possible with your magic light powers and through the power of reflection. You are armed with a magical laser that bounces off of the in-game-room's walls and only deals damage, after its first bounce. The goal of the game is to get as many points as possible, before dying, which is done by hitting enemies with your laser (and banishing them back into the shadowrealm in the process).


In the options you can increase or decrease the volume of the music and sound effects.


• A: Move left • D: Move right • W: Move up • S: Move down • Left Mouse Button (hold): Charge up laser • Left Mouse Button (release): Shoot laser • ESC: Go back to Main Menu (from Game or sub menus)

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Matthias Ferdinand Ranftl

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Sebastian Stuhlberger

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