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About Dash King

Dash King is a local multiplayer shooter for up to four players, playable with controllers. Dynamic joining allows anywhere from two to four players to enjoy our game. So why don't you gather some of your friends (or enemies) and find out who the real Dash King is.


The goal is to gather the required amount of points, once the first player has done so successfully, the game ends. You may gather points by killer other players or by utilizing special zones around the map, more information about these zones below. Dash King, as the name suggests, offers you a Dash mechanic. Our goal was to create a fast-paced shooter with lots of speed and movement. Use the movement to your advantage and become the next Dash King!


As mentioned before, Dash King is to be played with controllers. Any controller should work, we have mostly tested with Xbox and PS4 controllers. Run: left stick Look around: right stick Shoot: right trigger Sprint: left trigger Dash: left button (PS4: square, Xbox: X) Jump: down button (PS4: X, Xbox: A)

Score Zones

There are multiple score zones scattered around the map, only one of these is active at a time. You may find the currently active zone by looking around the map. A big arrow, which is visible through walls, points to the zone. Furthermore, there are particle effects around the zone which indicate that a zone is active. You can gain points by entering the zone and staying inside it as long as you can, but be careful! The zone will also attract the other players, and you might have to defend yourself.

Aim assist

Since this game is made for up to four players with local multiplayer, we had to use controllers. To help you with aiming, since this can be quite hard with a controller, we have a custom-built aim assist. Simply aim somewhat close to a player and the crosshair will snap onto the player. All that's left for you to do is shoot before the player evades by dashing or kills you first.


Upon death, your character is being respawned for a few seconds. During this time, you are shown a kill cam, basically a recording of how the other played killed you. After a certain amount of time, you get respawned and can join the fight again. Also, if you manage to kill a player, you will swap position with them. Meaning, if you shoot someone, you get teleported to the place where they died and the other player respawns. Due to this, you might not want to shoot a player that is outside the score zone while you are in it, since you would get teleported out. The other way around however, if you are not in the score zone and shoot someone that is; you are now in the score zone.

Booster Orbs

Scattered around the map you will find orbs: an arrow pointing in a direction surrounded by glowing effects. If you walk into this orb, you will receive a boost in the direction of the arrow. This boost is much stronger than your Dash. After a player has used a booster orb, the orb will shoot a bright ray into the sky to let other players know that somebody used an orb. Furthermore, the orbs particles will change to red, indicating that the orb is in cooldown right now. After ten seconds, the orb is active again.


One of the most important mechanics, this allows you to swiftly move around the map and evade your enemies shots. While you are moving, simply press the Dash button (-> see "Controls") and you will get a short boost into the direction you are running. You can combine this with a jump; if you run into a direction, jump and then press the Dash button you will receive a much stronger boost.




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