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My focus was on the cinematography inside the 3D space [ camera (Focal Length, positioning, Motion Blur), lighting, rendering] but I also made the animations, simulations, re-texturing/rerigging, compositing, scene building. My first idea was to create a short film but then I decided to make a trailer for a non existing movie. Everything was rendered, animated and composed inside Blender. I used Premiere pro for post production. Topaz Labs was used for AI upscaling. I worked with a 32bit color workflow and mastered it in 4k; 10bit; Rec2020 with a 60mbps bitrate. Space has had a fascinating effect on beings ever since the very early days of mankind. This fascination has continued to this day, although it probably peaked on July 20, 1969, when Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the lunar surface. With my project Contact I want to bring this remarkable day back to life. However, this time not everything is as it seems. The lunar surface holds eons-old mysteries that this mission should unveil. What is the mysterious discovery that probably started the race to the moon between the Soviet Union and the USA? What awaits the astronauts Aldrin and Armstrong on this alien celestial body? Could they be about to make a discovery that would change all of our lives or are they in grave danger? These are all questions that Contact seeks to evoke, while at the same time suspense is built the elements of ignorance and uncertainty are determinative of the mysterious mood and exciting uneasiness it seeks to convey.



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Gregor JAKOB

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