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Cats and Catnip

...a chaotic combination

Cats are fluffy and lovely pets that can increase happiness even on the worst days - but sometimes they can also be chaotic little devils wreaking havoc on the neatly decorated kitchen cabinet when you're looking away for a second. In this game you are the chaotic cat. Having had too much catnip you got into your neighbour's house and now you try to make the most you can of the situation before you get caught. In your case this means pushing everything off that stands in your way. But be careful what kinds of items you decide to get rid of, for the neighbour will try to reach you faster if they hear their fishtank break upon its impact on the floor.

About the Game

Catnip is a side-scrolling platformer, where the goal is to collect as many points as possible in a short timespan by throwing objects off of furniture pieces. But beware: while some objects can give you more points, they also cost some of your precious time when you choose to throw them off. These objects are the ones that are morally less justifiable than others (like a fishtank). Controls: A ... go left D ... go right Space ... jump Shift/E ... push object R ... return to spawn Assets Font: Connection III by KineticPlasma Fonts ( The remaining assets were created using Adobe Photoshop.




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