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Are you ready for chaos?

Have you ever wondered: what's it like to be a cat? Or, what's it like to compete against another cat in colourful and quirky little minigames? Well buckle up, because now's your chance to be exactly that! In "CatAs*Trophy" you and a buddy of your choice (who prefurrably likes bad puns and cute cats as well) will compete in various, cat-oriented minigames against each other to gain points! Whoever ends up with the most points in the end, gets to take home the glorious Cat-Ass-Trophy!


The controls differ a little in each minigame itself, but basically each player gets four base keys to play with: Player 1: WASD Player 2: Arrow Keys


As you might have guessed by now, I surely do love cats. I got two fuzzy companions myself at home, and I figured: What if someone might not be as lucky and never experience the cuteness and crazyness of these feline creatures? Plus, I always loved short two player competition games, so why not develope one myself? So, whether you like it or not, here it is!


All graphic assets, including spritesheets, backgrounds, logos etc., were made by myself in Figma, InkSkape, Sketchbook. Sounds and music was taken from Font "Arial Rounded MT" from Google Fonts.


Get ready for the catastrophy!

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