Who survives the longest in this endless flurry of bullets? Fight your friends for the first place in this chaotic competition. Bishoujo Panic is an anime themed bullet hell for up to four players. Dodge the bullets for as long as you can to get the highest score.


The controls can be found in the config folder in a section of the settings file.

Download Bishoujo Panic


Assets made by Thomas Nikolas Mayr
Programming done by Thomas Nikolas Mayr and Luca Kerschner
Music made by R4ph:
Created with: SFML, TGUI, NLTmxMap, RixMath from Stephan Woskowiak, SettingsParser from Maximilian Wagenbach



Luca Fabio Kerschner

Game Design

Game Programmierung

Anonyme Person

2D Artist

Game Design

Game Programmierung