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Two Towers

Dynamic 2D Tower Defence

Scared of monsters and math? Welcome to Two Towers! The land of the Two Towers is a peaceful and magical land but from time to time the silence is disturbed by ugly monsters trying to invade the country. Building restrictions Unfortunately there are rigorous building restrictions in the land of the Two Towers. You can never have more than two towers at once. If you build a third, the first tower gets destroyed. Enemies There are enemies which can be stopped by building towers but additionally there are some special monsters which can only be defeated by mathematic operations. Use -1, +1, /2 and √ (square root) to stop the special enemies. Dynamic Strategy You have to decide where you want to build your next tower in order to be able to stop the enemies from invading the land. But be aware that you have to continuously switch the places of your towers or otherwise you won't be able to defeat the attacking enemies. Towers You can choose between two different towers. One low range tower without a minimum shooting range and one high range tower with a minimum shooting range. Choose wisely!