About Towerhold

Survive! That is your only objective. Defend your tower from the countless spiders, that try to tear it down. For each dead spider you get paid in cash. Use that money to purchase upgrades. Improve your gun and strengthen your defences. It will be nessesary. Invest your money wisely and don't waste time! With every passing second more spiders are on their way.


Mouse Use your mouse to shoot. Simply hover over the approaching spider and click to fire. The mouse is also used to buy upgrades and repair your tower via buttons.


Damage Each time you purchase this upgrade your weapon becomes stronger. Meaning that each shot deals more damage to the spider that is hit. Precision At the start of the Game your bullets miss their targets most of the time. Change that by buying this upgrade, so that your bullets never miss their mark. Speed Want your weapon to shoot faster? Then this is the right upgrade for you. At max speed your triggerfinger can't keep up with the weapons fire rate. Lifepoints This upgrade increases the Towers maximum health. If ypu have more lifepoints to spare, a small slip up will not be noticable. Defence Are you taking too much damage? By strenghtening your fence you take less damage for each hit of a spider. Fully Automatic Are you tired of clicking your mouse all the time. With this upgrade you can just hold your mousebutton down and watch the bullets fly. But this upgrade can only be bought one and is very expensive.