The host of Aion


3D model of the the child of the god of time Aion and goddess Gaia (the personification of the Earth) in human body- her host. Aion is a testament to the power of the idea of everlasting time. Gaia mother of all creation. I’ve bounded them together creating an everlasting link between them - a child symbolising the only human way to reach immortality - through creating. Creating art, giving life, leaving something after us in order to achieve balance between the destruction and chaos we cause with our mortal existence. Art is the only way available to freeze the moment and stop the flow of time. An immortal work of art is a small piece of history stolen from the stream of nature.


Heavily Inspired by the Greek mythology during the Hellenistic Period in Ancient Greece. I have always been interested in mythology and it’s an endless themes and symbols, that can be explored. Asking myself a lot of existential questions I came to the conclusion that the only thing surviving the weight of time in human timescape is art and knowledge, and in one lifetime - love. So I connected both themes- the product of love achieving immortality in mortal way, right before the world descends into chaos and oblivion again.