xxxx Project


Interior Solutions in Collaboration with 220Grad

The Coffee Corner was the final project for my bachelor-thesis and was a collaboration with the café 220Grad located in Salzburg City.
The following project deals with the interior design of office spaces and the consumer behaviour concerning coffee at the workplace. The base of this thesis is a combination of the information gathered in the theoretical part and the knowledge gained through interviews and surveys. The research of past, present and future office types as well as comfort factors regarding workspaces are crucial for the final concept.
The room is divided into five different areas, that all carter to different needs and expectations. This constellation is helpful in improving communication and relationships, by chancing an encounter and encouraging contact with others and the exchange of information.
Coffee Area COFFEE CORNER In this area employees can store and heat up their meals and make their favourite kind of coffee. To ensure an extraordinary experience, the coffee is delivered by 220Grad.
Hot Desk Area COLLABORATION The desks in this area can be used by anybody, may it be for brainstorming with a group or preparation for a meeting alone.
Standing Area MOVEMENT For people that prefer to stand up while taking a break to get a change of movement and to stay healthy.
Informal Area CASUAL A lounge area in which the employees can sit and talk to their hearts content while enjoying their hot beverages.
Private Area PRIVACY This area is particularly useful, if the discussed topic is of confidential nature or if you just want to work in a quiter area.
BRANDING Since the Coffee Corner is an expansion of 220Grad, the branding takes elements from the existing corporate design to build this connection. The colours and fonts stay similar with the addition of a logo.
GROUND PLAN To give an idea how this room could look like in a real office, I made a few different layouts in different sizes. Each area used was encircled in a different colour to show, how they can be arranged depending on the size of the room. I took one of these layouts and made a rendering, to give an even better idea of the final look.