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Survival Unlikely



Survival Unlikely is a plat former in which you explore the world with astronauts. You can interact with the world by moving coins, etc. However, there are different astronauts. Ordinary astronauts can only move coins and the key but switch the levers. Where as the captain can pick up the coins and the key! The aim of the game is to move the coins and the key so that the captain can get from start to finish as quickly as possible! You have any number of astronauts, so take the time you need to explore the world. Once the Captain was spawned the timer starts!


W- climbing A - move left D - move right Space bar - jumping E - move to the next astronaut Enter - switch to the captain


Captain during a run




Manoah Simon Heinsch Profile Picture
Manoah Simon Heinsch

Game Design

Game Programmierung

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Vincent Thierry

Game Design

Game Programmierung