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This Game is still very much work in progress. Concept:

Starcade Omega is a multiplayer party game for up to 8 people. Players compete against each other in various mini-games. They fight each other, race each other, and complete various other challenges to claim victory. The whole thing is built on a physics-based ragdoll animation system that procedurally generates the characters' animations. It allows players to interact with their environment as freely as possible, allowing them to attack with fists, hold opponents, and pick up/throw items/objects in each mini-game. The winner is the first to win a certain number of mini-games.

Players can choose a specific mode from the main menu. Choices include a local match or the VR mode, where players with traditional controllers play against a player with a VR headset. Players are also given the option to specify only certain minigames for the game match or create, save and use their own minigames using the minigame editor.


Visually, Starcade Omega sticks to the vaporwave style, inspired by film, music and video games of the 80s. For our game, that means lots of bright colors, wireframe textures, image effects reminiscent of CRT TVs, and sparkling galaxies as backgrounds.

The playable characters can be customized to one's liking with naming and accessories, so players can instantly spot their own character in the mini-games. Accessories range from funny hats, to different hairstyles and beards, to masks and clothing.


Here we also take our cue from the vaporwave style. The audio design is also reminiscent of the 80s. The sounds for interactions and effects are supposed to be based on the sounds of arcade machines. The soundtracks are from the synthwave genre, so borrowed from electronic music from that time. There is supposed to be a relatively relaxed track for the main menu and lobby, as well as several fast-paced, action-packed tracks for gameplay.

V0.5 Ragdoll/VR Demo

Starcade Omega

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