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In this time of isolation and sense of remote loneliness, silence was often the perfect description of feelings. Uuh stop - what is silence? While considering his definition in word per se, it is possible to examine that it is not accurate. Physically analysed, the absence of sounds cannot exist. Silence is an available time when other sounds can occur, usually there but not under focus and, perhaps, often uncon- trolled. The discovery of ourselves in this particular period can be reflected in the absence of silence. Sound in silence is an audiovisual installation made to bring awareness to environmental sounds. Moreover, the shifting of attention brings a discovery of sound characters and the beginning of active listening, a process by which the value of silence can be better understood. The chance to expose it outdoors creates the possibility of get- ting closer to those little sounds that take place in nature. The whole duration of the installation is circa 15 min. It begins with a pre-produced combination of field recordings, intending to invite the audience to listen accurately to what happens around it and where do it finds itself. Afterwards, some processed hidden contact microphones get activat- ed - the noises can be triggered live by the spectators, which became a part of the performance themselves. The visuals are an audio-reactive particle cloud that changes depending on the installation’s phase and sounds. This installation can be exposed for any duration of time. The inspiration for this project is the theory of silence by John Cage.



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