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SmartFridge App

The Problem

How do we help people manage the (food) ingredients in their fridge so they can reduce their personal food waste? - personal food waste is too much - food expires in fridge, thus gets thrown away - people buy too much and don't know what's inside their fridge - people lack in ideas what to cook with the ingredients inside their fridge

Target Group

Our target group are young adults in a single/small house hold with a stable income.

The Solution

On the market their are already lots of existing apps that try to trackle the issue of food waste. Also smart fridges and FridgeCams do exist e.g. Samsung. What is missing is a affordable option that combines both!


An application that offers integrated food recognition and thus reduce personal food waste. We help to recognize ingredients and visualise them in the app according their expiry date.


Currently the concept and a working clickable prototype are available. It got developed during a Human-Computer-Interaction course.

Research has been done for a possible implementation, but ressources such as good and usable algorithmns, time and money have been missing to get it started.

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