Project ShipShifters


MultiMediaArt & MultiMediaTechnology, 2021

ShipShifters Art


ShipShifters is a chaotic online co-op multiplayer Battle Royal game. Up to 75 players on 25 ships are fighting for victory at sea! Your crew, consisting of you and one or two of your best mateys, is confronted by a wave of dangers. Sharks and deadly water vortices are not your only enemies. VARIOUS EASY TO LEARN STATIONS Defend your lives by using four different stations. Take control of the paddles to manoeuvre through the dangerous waters. Charge and fire the cannons or utilize your shield to hold the other ships at bay. Operate the harpoon to pull yourself quickly to saving islands or to switch places with a hostile ship at the last second. Take over the sail to use the wind to your advantage and get an overview of the situation in the crow's nest. ENTERTAINING GAMEPLAY Only a well-organized crew can survive long enough on the shrinking sea map to be the last one and claim the sweet treasures for themselves. DIFFERENT WAYS TO PLAY Lurk on the edges of the map to let the others eliminate themselves or throw yourself into the middle of the battle to actively destroy your foes! However you want to play, if you think you can handle the roughness of the sea, get ready to enter the battle!

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Raphael Blum

Game Programmierung

Marcel Kießlich

Game Programmierung

Thomas Katzlinger

Game Programmierung

Florian Fritzl

Game Programmierung