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Satanic bird cult is a reaction and aiming focused 2 player game where you have to pin birds to the sourrounding walls by throwing daggers. Try to get a good balance between annoying your opponents and pursuing your own goals.

How do I play this game now?

Pin the birds against the walls to gain points. Take care! Your daggers don't fly endless. The more birds you hit at the same time, the more points you will gain. Pin birds into the satanic emblem (the one on the walls, not the one in the middle) to gain even more points. You can steal birds from the other player by last hitting them before they hit the wall. Shoot your Opponent to be even more annoying. To Join the Cult Now! Follow the Link at the end of the page!


Local 2 Player, Xbox or Playstation Controller, Windows
Download > Extract File > Open Bin Folder > double klick on the Satanic Bird Cult.exe.





Concept Art

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Thomas Hofer

Game Design

Game Programmierung

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Samuel Erik Femböck

Game Design

Game Programmierung