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Relight is a cradle-to-cradle certified floor lamp - designed for people and the environment. Relight is suitable for both, feel-good evenings and productive working hours, as it can adapt the light color to that of the sun, which is known as the circadian rhythm. The design itself is very reduced, simple and based on high functionality, as it should fit into any interior. You can buy one or more lamps which you just have to click into the basic frame. Because of the magnetic rail you can make your own design and change the lamps for esthetic and functional reasons. The LED module can be replaced easily without tools, in case of a defect or degeneration. The LED therefore not only remains state-of-the-art, but also efficient and guarantees healthy, high-quality light. The connected LED-module provides data on it´s condition, in this way, the technology of the following LED generation can be optimised. Professional disposal can be guaranteed through a free service.


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