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I had a small project idea at the beginning of the summer (2021). So I started developing it and called it /recommends. /recommends, as the name says, is a collection of recommendations with the purpose to guide you, my fellow MMT students, on your path to becoming a developer 👩‍💻. Since I am a passionate web dev, I cover lots of web stuff (obviously), like CSS-in-JS, NodeJs, CMS, and more. But I already got a little help from Araz Al Hamdani, Jonas Kubesch, and Florian Lechner. They helped me with PHP, C#, Computer Graphics, and everyone's favorite Algorithm & Data-Structures. /recommends is an open-source project, so it would be awesome if some of you guys could contribute your recommendations, links, blogs, you name it. You can find the GitHub Repo here: or visit - the link to the Repo is in the footer. I wrote a file for you guys, so you know how to contribute correctly. As I said, it is pretty web-heavy for now, especially on the Developer page (Sorry, not sorry 🌚). There are also GitHub discussions for Topic and Feature Request if you have ideas. I used Markdown for all content pages. For the website, I have chosen to use GatsbyJs (React). Shameless Plug: follow me on Twitter @motcodes



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