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Concept: Qude

Qude is a patch, which can be placed on different body parts to support meaningful, unobtrusive tangible interactions for people in LDRs. Following the idea of a Morse code, the patch is going to allow one person to tap a message and another one to feel it on their skin via vibration patterns. Additionally, the combination of taps can be connotated to specific emotive images (emojis), which will further be displayed on a connected smartphone app. The goal of this representation would be to develop an exclusive physical vocabulary among partners. This vocabulary can be viewed and modified in the app. Additionally, the tapping-history will allow to replay recorded taps for oneself — similar to re-experiencing special moments and memories in a relationship. Since discreetness is a key factor, Qude should not be obtrusive to both partners nor reveal its purpose to people around. For this reason, on the outside it is going to look like a futuristic yet minimalist accessory.

First Sketches

Prototype testing

Role Prototype

Final Prototype

Envisioned final version



Anonyme Person


Ralf Vetter


Marta Dziabiola