Redesign Eskimo

The term "Eskimo" is used to be as devaluating and obsolete. Therefore, the brand will be redesigned to bring that name and appearance up to date. The new design and positioning of our brand N'EIS wants to emphasize how important it is to love yourself. Our icecream satisfies not only your tastebuds but also makes you feel good in your body. Also N'EIS wants to N'ormalEIS bodies and prelude nobody.

Distorting Mirror

The concept of the distortion mirror is to gather another perspective of yourself. Similar to how you perceive your physical appearance, you face a distorted reflection of yourself when looking at the mirror. Thus you get reminded of your body dysmorphia in a visual way. If you recognize your narrow vision, your are more likely to accept your imperfections and approach yourself objectively. Mirrors in different kinds for example on the wall, reflecting material of a spoon, the alluminium packaging of the ice cream should make the user look at him or herself. Self-love quotes are placed on the mirrors to encourage the spectator self-confidence.


Pins and Illustrations



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