Project Goosebumps


Out of the Wings and Onto the Web

"Goosebumps" is a smart artefact that serves to increase the engagement and interaction that a musician has with their audience in an online performance space. It will make online musical performance a more immersive experience and ensure that there is less friction for musicians to communicate with their audiences. The artefact should capture the emotional reactions of the audience to establish a connection that is often missing in online spaces, serving to support and uplift the performance of the musician. Our concept will be successful when the musicians feel they can attribute the output of the artefact to their audience, creating an almost frictionless, real-time feedback mechanism.

Connecting Bits and Pieces

Entanglement of Performer and Technology

For us it was important to make the temperature feedback something the performer can actually feel. After testing it out ourselves we got the impression that this was something feasible to achieve with the equipment we had at hand. We used: 12V Peltier Thermo-Electric Cooler Module 5-12V Heating Pad Cloth of different sorts Needle & Thread 9V battery

User Interface – Mobile Application

Connecting the taktile artefact with the digital space.

Envisioning the interaction of the user with the artefact

Physical Prototype

Iterations and User Testing

Physical Prototype

On the Inside



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