For Freedom

Feel the war

Ever felt like playing as a failed wartime experiment? No? Well you have the chance to do so anyway. In the second world war there was an american scientist that had a brilliant idea. What if we used pigeons to steer our rockets directly into our enemy's ships. For Freedom enables you to become one of the heroic birds sacrifising their own lives for their great country. The game is a simple but fun arcade game with a ridiculous backstory based in reality. With nice engaging gameplay and short rounds it is a game perfectly suited for killing time while riding the bus or something. About the real live project: The National Defense Research Committee saw the idea to use pigeons in glide bombs as very eccentric and impractical, but still contributed $25,000 to the research. Skinner, who had some success with the training, complained: "our problem was no one would take us seriously".[3] The program was canceled on October 8, 1944, because the military believed that "further prosecution of this project would seriously delay others which in the minds of the Division have more immediate promise of combat application". - wikipedia (



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Hit the Boat

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