xxxx Project


In my MultiMediaProject I wanted to create an arena that can be used for a 2.5D fighting game. Stilistically it should have an asian artstyle and contain different viewing platforms that are usable for later storytelling. In meinem MMP1 wollte ich eine Arena bauen die f├╝r ein 2.5D Fighting Game geeignet ist. Es gab einige Elemente, die ich in die Szene einbauen wollte; ein Podest, Zuschauertrib├╝hnen auf mehreren Ebenen und ein erkennbarer asiatischer Stil.


The arena fights are the main attraction of the population of this small asian town. Fights happen almost daily and tournaments of all sizes frequently. The land is under control of a weatlhy cartel that uses these fights to recruite new members and keep the inhabitants entertained. The population likes to drink and celebrate at these events as well as bet on the outcome.

Arena Showcase


One challenge I encoutered was that when building the scene in Unreal Engine I couldn't fit all of the detail into the camera as the fighting platform needed to remain center of focus. The background was way too crowded with detail that wasn't readable. So I decided to scale up the project and move the scene outside, where I could seperate the different levels more spaciously. It resulted in 2 levels next to each other, conveying a clear sense of seperation in class. I used different materials for the different levels which deviates from the initial prompt but was necessary make the buidlings easily distinguishable.





David Scherf