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The future of mobility with just one click.

Eray provides a passenger and freight transportation service by self-driving electric vehicles, using the Volkswagen Group as an example. The vehicle demand happens via app or website. Instead of owning a car, a self-driving car is requested at the push of a button. The service is billed per route or by paying a monthly fee. Even though Eray as a system will not be used in real traffic for the next years, it already has the ability to make people think about mobility.
In cooperation with Audi (CA Ingolstadt).

But how can you imagine Eray now?

In simple terms...


if you don't have a smartphone available?

For this reason, order terminals called Ray's were designed for the Eray concept.
At these points, users can simply log into their profile and request a car. Online tickets for public transport can also be purchased there. Furthermore, non-Eray customers have the opportunity to charge their private electric vehicles to get in touch with Eray.

Eray information brochure

Take a seat!

Eray will take you to your destination.