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Dodge the falling meteorites, pick up power-ups and try to survive! Will you be able to change your fate and elude extinction?
Overview You are a small dinosaur and have to try to survive extinction, which comes in the form of countless meteorites falling from the sky. Try to dodge the meteorites by running around. If you accidentally touch a meteorite once, don't worry, you still have two more lives left. Every time the dinosaur touches a meteorite, you can hear a sound, the dinosaur flashes once briefly and you lose a heart. After that, the dinosaur is invincible for about two seconds. There are different power-ups that you can pick up; they also fall from the sky. They have different effects that can be positive or negative, so be careful and think twice if you really want to risk your last live to collect a power-up. If you have lost all of your three lives, you lose the game. To win the game, you have to survive for about 90 seconds, however, when picking up power-ups you may increase the time you need to survive, but you could also decrease it. When time is slowly starting to run out, meteorites spawn more frequent for a few seconds, before they finally stop spawning at all. Congratulations, you made it!
The Power-Ups' Effects When you pick up a power-up, you will randomly get one of the following effects: 1. Time decreased by 10 seconds: You need to survive ten seconds less. 2. Time increased by 10 seconds: You need to survive for ten more seconds. 3. Existing meteorites' speed decreased: All meteorites that are currently on screen will fall slower. 4. Increased player's speed for 12 seconds: The player moves faster for 12 seconds. 5. If you have less three lives: +1 Life: You get one life back. If you still have all of your lives: Existing meteorites' speed increased: All meteorites that are currently on screen will fall faster.
Controls The controls are really simple: Move to the left by pressing A, move to the right by pressing D. Press P to pause the game. If you want to quit, click the "Quit"-button on the title screen or press esc on your keyboard.
Miscellaneous The game consists of the title screen, a credits page, an introduction page, a pause menu, a won or lost menu and of course the game screen itself. You can reach each of these screens through buttons, except for the pause menu which can only be accessed by pressing P on your keyboard during the game. In the pause menu you can either click on the resume-button to continue playing or go back to the main menu. You can quit the game at any given moment by pressing esc.
Credits Jungle Asset Pack : Jesse Munguia Impact Sounds, Music Jingles Assets: Kenney Vleugels Mini Pixel-7 Font: Alexander Sizenko Feast of Flesh BB Font: Nate Piekos