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What is Cookflow?

The vision behind this idea is to share knowledge in cooking by turning recipe sharing into a social event instead of learning the recipe from a book or video. People can meet at a location provided by the host to learn new meals. The value behind this is that users should be able to discover new recipes, experience culturally diverse meals, or even learn little tricks while cooking alongside the cook. The name for this application is “Cookflow”. To achieve this vision, the features of this app must be designed to provide a seamless experience.
The concept was realized as a high-fidelity interactive prototype using Adobe XD. An atomic design approach was chosen for the structure of this project. The main idea behind this was to work with a modular design system that responds quickly to small changes to interface elements such as buttons or text fields. An advantage for the modular approach was the quick adaptation of changes for the color scheme. With different visual hierarchies, the dark shades of the layers of application background, cards, elements and modals were a challenge to align in a harmonizing order.
Working with a design system and a UI tool like Adobe XD allowed me to create a large number of high-fidelity wireframes. Making user flows as detailed as possible helped to convey the look and feel of a product to a hypothetical client or developers. The biggest advantage of this approach was the scale, efficiency, and consistency of application development.



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