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Companion is a working design and interaction prototype in the field of future extended reality technology on head-mounted displays (XR on HMD) . On the one hand, the operating system prototype demonstrates, how future user interfaces could behave in a real, physical space to be best integrated into the environment. Therefore companion is aligning an identical digital twin to a real room, which therefore becomes tangible and gives the option of a real world prototyping environment. On the other hand, companion includes new approaches to positioning possibilities on predefined surfaces in a space, as well as a trial of a multi-dimensional interaction elements - the multidimensional bar for content windows. Furthermore it also explores the possibilities of gesture control and gives a proposal for a possible system design with an handbound-menu concept. Visually, the system combines design elements of the status quo of todays screen design and merges them with the design language and realm of stereoscopic perception in future immersive environments. To enhance the user-testing perspective, different visual approaches are tried out and can be edited in realtime. This includes interface carrier plains with an translucent glassmorphism effect, threedimensinal app icons and and system design language, based on todays handheld and desktop systems. Therefore the prototyp enhances the well known to this new realm of extended reality. Companion offers an point of view and different ideas for the future - not only as a concept on paper but feelable in the real medium.


My personal drive arose especially from one conviction: Mankind is - I am sure - on the verge of the next digital transformation. Extended reality (XR) will play an significant part in this new technological revolution. Despite all the difficulties in the public discourse, I believe there is enormous potential in the consideration of extended reality on head-mounted or wearable devices. Exemplarily, the new type of medium makes a fixed screen abstinent and centers itself entirely around the user in the approach of an human-centered-design. This type of technology can and will fundamentally change the interaction with the digital sphere and among us humans in the future. I am convinced of this myself as a master students of MulitMediaArt - making companion as my masters graduation project - my colleagues an I will significantly shape the content, function and perception of this technology in the future years. Although the technology is still in its infancy in some parts, now is the time to apply our knowledge of aesthetics, interaction-behavior and design to the development of new products to create a sustainable, inclusive and natural visual language and interaction that benefits all users. Therefore Companion is the first step for me personally with getting my hand on this new reality and offering a proposal for a solution.

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