xxxx Project

Short Description

A game made by and for cat-lovers, as you need to play a badass cat trying to save all of humankind with its laser eyes. Terminate all evil robots and reach the portal into the past to make things right again. This game aims to be a fun but challenging experience. So can you make it to the portal?

Background Story

Like every stereotypical futuristic story in media this game plays in a dystopian world, that is overrun by man-made robots. How could this happen you ask? Well, mankind started to evolve very fast and made some amazing technological progress. Fueled by their newfound ego and their feeling of superiority, they wanted to create all kinds of things without caring about any morals. First, they started to experiment on animals. One of the biggest inventions in this time were the gen-manipulated cats. Most of the cats could not make it through without going into an early grave. Then humankind moved onto creating their own sentient beings from scratch. Robots were finally a real thing, and many may guess what happens next. The robots quickly caught on and realized the immorality of humans’ actions. As they were taught and living in a world of cruelty, they only knew to solve their distress with humankind by exterminating them all. In their rampage they not only killed all humans but almost all living creatures…. almost. One of humankind’s first gen-manipulated cats survived. Even though the humans were cruel, it still believes in their kindness and is trying to save them all by reaching a portal into the past. But to get there it must get through the robots guarding the portal. Not an easy task but the fact that the cat has laser eyes may make it easier.


You character is always on the left bottom corner, and you must reach the green portal on the far right, which is also the end of the level. On your way you need to kill all ten robots or else you will not win by only reaching the portal. To kill the robots, you have to shoot your short-ranged laser in their direction and hit them after a short wind-up. Of course, there is still more difficulty to it because the robots are not defenseless. They will shoot a volley of three small laser beams with a fixed range every few seconds. You will start with three hearts, that can be seen on the upper left corner. Every time you touch one of the robots or their laser beams, you will lose a heart. If you lose all three, you will have to start over. The game is not supposed to be easy and won on the first try. It is important to learn the enemies’ attack pattern and how to move through the level efficiently. As it is a fast-paced game, frustration will be kept at a bay and your competitive spirit should be awakened by this small game and its challenge!


A – Move Left D – Move Right Spacebar – Jump J – Shoot Laser The menu must be navigated by using your mouse.



Gameplay Preview