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After working on their own for many famous artists, Michael Höchtl and Philip Tkalec decided to team up and form „“ to produce their own music together. In their forthcoming debut album „In Unison Apart“ the duo achieves to combine established future pop vibes with their own bass-friendly yet dreamy signature sound. says about the album, „Primarily, it’s about emotions everyone encounters in their journey of life and the current controversial situation we all are facing at the moment. In the process of creating the album we both realized a lot of troubles regarding our social life and we tried to catch these feelings in our music – Being together yet feeling alone, in unison apart so to speak.“ 
The duo also made the decision to create audio-reactive visuals to emphasize the musical experience and to accentuate the emotions translated in their album. - Attraction (Intro) [Music Video] - Unison (Visualizer) - Me and You (Visualizer) - For Your Love (Music Video)

Installation Prototype



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Christof Pühringer

3D Postproduction

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Philip Tkalec



3D Artist

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Michael Höchtl


Audio Mastering