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A VR game in which you are on a SpaceShip infested by Aliens that can mimic mundane objects. You have to cleanse it before you can re-enter earth's atmosphere. The only way to spot a transformed Alien is by its wrong shadow.

Broken Shadows v0.5.6

First Game Teaser (beta)

Your Flashlight

The Alien


● The layout of the spaceship is split into 4 large Rooms/Areas which are connected by a system of corridors. ● Aliens will be hiding in the hallways and especially in the rooms. They will appear as mundane objects like coffee mugs or staplers when not disturbed. If the player comes too close to a cloaked Alien, it will attack by hopping in the player's direction. ● The player can distinguish cloaked aliens from normal objects by the wrong shadows that the aliens project when under UV-light and/or by strangely placed items (coffee mug on the floor). ● There are two tools at the player's disposal: a railgun and a UV-flashlight. ○ The railgun is used to kill aliens. It kills them in one hit, but the player has to crank up the power by hand between every shot. ○ The UV-flashlight shows the incorrect alien shadows and illuminates dark areas.




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Fabio Peer

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Vincent Thierry

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Bjarne Tobias Zimmer

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Lorenz Gonsa

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