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In "Branded By Death" you slip into the role of an unfortunate Gladiator who has been chosen to spend the rest of his days in a Colosseum to fight dangerous Monsters in one on one duels. Will you fall in battle for the viewing pleasure of your spectators like the ones that came before you or will you be able to survive just a few days longer? The fate lies in your hands.


Our story begins in the year AD 187 with a young man who has a dream. The dream of one day being able to join the army and gloriously fight on the front of the battlefield for his emperor. A goal for which he has already been training for since early days. Albeit his efforts, this wish of his shouldn’t be granted as he has repeatedly been denied a post as rookie. However, as he one day heard about an announcement which asked for brave men who were seeking for glory in battle, the youngster found new hope. Without a second doubt he came forward to volunteer for this mysterious offer and he was immediately guided to his new quarters in which he spent the next night. But as soon as he woke up, he realised that he wasn’t in those same quarters anymore. Suddenly he found himself in a dark passage with nothing but an enormous steel gate in front of him. The first battle is impending…


A - Move Left D - Move Right Left Mouse - Attack Right Mouse - Block Spacebar - Dodge The game can currently only be played with mouse and keyboard.


ART: Background Art by Lauwe.T ( Enemy Assets by Luiz Melo ( Knight Assets by OcO ( MUSIC: "At What Cost" by Trevor Lentz ( "Boss Battle #2 [Symphonic Metal]" by nene ( "Can't Stop Winning" by Jonathan Shaw ( "Death Is Just Another Path" by Otto Halmén ( FONTS: "Atreyu" by Greg Eckler ( "Frostbite" by Isaac K ( "WarPriest" by Dan Zadorozny ( Project by Cedric Ferstl