In this game you have to kill the evil wizard as often and as fast as possible to get more points. You’re able to shoot fire arrows in the direction of the mouse cursor by clicking the left mouse button. But you shouldn’t try to get too far away from the wizard, as the fire arrows deal less damage the longer they travel. If the wizard is coming too close to you, you can create a shockwave around you, which will also deal damage. This ability has a cooldown which gets shorter if you can kill the wizard often enough. But you have to be careful as the wizard is also able to shoot fire arrows at you! To dodge them, you can walk to the left or right side with the A/D keys or try to jump over them with spacebar.


In the options you can choose one of the four available resolutions (the game starts with 1920x1080). You can also increase or decrease the volume for the music and sound effects.

High score

You score points by killing the wizard. The faster you can kill him, the more points you will get. Once you die, you can enter a name (with a max length of ten characters) which will then get saved into a text-file. In the main menu you can have a look at the top ten high-scores you have achieved.


• A: Move left • D: Move right • Space: Jump • Left mouse button: Shoot fire arrow in the direction of the mouse cursor • Right mouse button: Create a shockwave around you • Esc: Pause while in game The controls are also shown when you start a new game.
My goal with this project was to create a game which has very simple mechanics yet is fun to play. Thanks to the high score system, you can challenge yourself to get better at the game or even compete with friends.